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Inaugural Flights Launched at Beijing Daxing International Airport30/10/2019

On September 25, inaugural flights were launched at Beijing Daxing International Airport. From 16:22 to 16:42 Pm., 7 passenger airliners of China Southern Airlines, China Eastern Airlines, Air China, China United Airlines, Capital Airlines, Hebei Airlines and Xiamen Airlines took off one by one from Daxing International Airport flying to Guangzhou, Shanghai, Chengdu, Yan’an, Hangzhou, Fuzhou and Xiamen respectively marking a grand inauguration of flights. CAAC Administrator Feng Zhenglin, Deputy Administrators Dong Zhiyi, Lye Erxue and Cui Xiaofeng witnessed the historical moment.

Up to now, 66 airlines have expressed their wishes to station and operate at Daxing International Airport, including 20 domestic airlines and 46 foreign airlines and airlines of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. Their flight slots were approved and granted successively. It is expected that during the IATA Winter Season of 2019, 166 routes will be launched at Daxing International Airport among which 101 are domestic routes and 15 international ones. These routes cover 112 points including 97 domestic points and 15 international points. It is estimated that by 2022, passenger traffic at the airport will reach 45 million and its international flights will reach 20%. By 2025, passenger traffic will hit 72 million, at then the international flights will be about 30%.

At the inauguration ceremony, CAAC Administrator Feng Zhenglin underscored that Beijing Daxing International Airport represented a centenary project decided and promoted by President Xi Jinpin himself. The project constitutes a new driving force for national development. Over the past 4 years, the construction workers and builders, bearing in mind the four objectives of the project, made strenuous efforts and have built it into truly a high-grade, exemplary, safe and clean project. The airport is now turned into a modern, quality and large international aviation hub, and a new national gateway showcasing the rising and national rejuvenation of China.

Daxing International Airport is located between Daxing District of Beijing and Guangyang District of Langfang, Hebei Province, 46 km to Tiananmen Square. The airport is the largest newly built one in terms of construction scale with a total redline area of 27 square km for the near term and 45 square km for long run. A total of 150 square km of airport economy zone between Beijing and Hebei is planned. The airport will have 4 vertical and 2 horizontal runways, altogether 6 runways eventually, and the current phase of the project is built into one with 3 vertical and 1 horizontal runways, 4 runways and 268 aircraft parking stands. A transport network featuring 5 vertical lines and 2 horizontal lines will be built and Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei can be reached within one hour. In the current phase of the project 4.50 million square meters of floorage will be built, including 1.40 million square meters for terminal complex of which 0.7 million square meters of core area will be available for air service. The total length of piers for aircraft parking reaches 4000 meters.